Oli Lynch
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Want to check out my content? My portfolio page here has links to all the juciest stuff for your enjoyment.

Oh and here is a link to my current portfolio (download from Google Drive).

ClickCease Blog

Raising awareness of click fraud and helping marketers and businesses get the most from their paid ad campaigns is the remit for ClickCease. I create most of the content for the ClickCease blog as well keep on top of their SEO, social media and almost all of their content strategy.

Success story: Boosting organic traffic by 400% in the first three months as content manager.

Content writing for Cheq


More ad fraud and click fraud content by myself on the Cheq blog. As the parent company of ClickCease, Cheq provide a comprehensive ad fraud prevention service. Example content by me. And another one about click farms. I write regular articles for Cheq on their blog.

Rad Season

Sports, events and fun stuff from around the world is what Rad Season is all about. I contribute on an ad-hoc basis, check out my author profile for links to articles.

Journalist style article writing for Rad Season
I am the editor, chief content writer and content strategist for Gone Travelling Magazine

Gone Travelling Magazine

A personal project with a friend of mine, GoneTravelling.co.uk was a dormant domain name until me and Mike decided to make it AWESOME. Today it has thousands of visitors a month and ranks on page 1 of Google for a number of key travel related search terms. I write regular articles and edit all content as well as manage the SEO strategy for the magazine.

Success story: Ranking number one for several competitive travel related search terms.


Cutting edge proptech SaaS based in South London. I was bought on board to work my SEO and content magic on a 6 month contract. Results here included some of the most downloaded lead magnets and a trebling of qualified leads on my watch. Not bad for a short stint. Link to Troublesome Tenant Playbook which was one of our best performers.

Succes story: Wrote the most downloaded lead magnets and was instrumental in 300% growth of MQLs.

I wrote blogs, ebooks and other content as well as PR and outreach for Fixflo

Results Wellness Lifestyle

For around a year I worked with RWL to create health and lifestyle focused blogs with an SEO slant. This involved lots of research, a lot of nerding about food and exercise and a bit of search engine strategy too.


As one of the leading boat rental platforms, I worked closely with the CMO to create guides and landing pages for various global desinations. This included researching boating opportunities in the target areas and creating fun content designed to get people excited about hiring boats with Sailo.


A now defunct Icelandic international airline. I wrote a number of journalistic articles about London, where I was living at the time, for the inflight magazine.

Sites I manage include: Gone Travelling, Global Playboy, Devon Herald and Playboy Cartel.