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How and Where to Find A GREAT Content Writer

So you’ve been searching for a content writer and, oh hey, they all suck? Yeah, that is an issue. Especially if you’ve been searching on content sites like Fiverr or Upwork – consistency can be pretty much non-existent.

As a content writer who actually works with and hires other content writers as part of my small SEO agency, I’ve learned a thing or two about finding good content writers.

Before you start reading – YES, I am a GREAT content writer, so you’ve already found one 😉

But I specialise in writing for SEO and delivering search volume, so the level and quality of my writing (and price) might be different to what you’re looking for.

Talking of which. Here are a few things to work out while you’re trying to find a freelance writer for your project.

What is your content for?

Content writers come in a whole variety of styles, prices and levels of expertise. And their suitability for your needs will depend massively on your project.

For example:

Backlink blogs

Content created specifically as ‘guest posts’ or to create backlinks from random websites is often the lowest quality content on the ladder. You might have been approached by random agencies from Pakistan or India selling you dirt cheap backlinks – and when you look at these (weirdly high domain authority) sites, oh hey, they’re full of really shitty content.

That’s this level of content writing here. You can find writers for this style of content writing for absurdly low prices – we’re talking $5. Please, though, pay them more than that!

Website and landing page content

The content on your website requires quite a high level of writing expertise. Or it should do. To find a content writer to write your website copy means you need someone with a mastery of English, power words and even a bit of psychology.

I’ve written website copy and landing page content for websites before and it is not as easy as you might think. Although the word count is less, those words need to count for more.

Do yourself a favour and get a really good content writer for your website or landing pages. The quality will pay you back.

Emails and newsletters

Another type of specialised content writing is the fine art of email and newsletter copy. If you’re trying to find a content writer who can write hooks and subject lines to boost those open rates and click throughs, well, this is potentially gold territory.

With email writing, there is a degree of psychology as you need to understand what makes people click. And you also need to have the knack of getting a lot of info across in a small amount of text.

Social media

Often your social media manager will also do your written copy for your social posts too. But there is a big niche in social media content writers too.

Technical or medical writing

If you need specialist content writers for technical writing or medical content, you’ll need to get specific. It’s no good hiring someone who ‘has some experience’ in technical content or whatever…

There’s no way around it, you will need to hire experienced professional writers, not someone off a content mill.

On-site blogs and SEO

Do not underestimate the power of your blog. If you’re trying to find a content writer who knows how to. channel organic traffic, then you’ve hit serious gold (oh hi there… Schedule a chat?)

Your blog has the power to channel consistent organic traffic, and to save you a shit load in PPC ads or consultancy fees. So investing in search engine optimisation content is pretty much the best way to invest your long term marketing budget.

SEO content writing is one of the main reasons to hire a freelance writer

The best places to hire a skilled content writer?

So, with all that in mind – if you are trying to find a content writer, where can you look? Well, there is TONS of opportunity online to find high quality content writers for all budgets.

1. Linkedin

Simply asking in a post for content writer recommendations? Oh, hellllllsss nawwww… You are asking for one spammed up inbox.

Instead, ask your connections directly for recommendations (not in a post). Any business owner worth their salt has at least 2 or 3 content writers that they love and would happily recommend, so ask ask ask.

If you are genuinely looking to hire freelance writers, get in touch with me (request a connection) and I will be happy to share my recommendations. (Not all of them will be me 😉 )

2. Linkedin jobs

Yes, you can still post jobs on Linkedin for free. So set up a job listing for your content writing requirements. Note though that this is more for contract and long term/permanent arrangements, but can be great. Although you might get a lot of spammy applications, it’s not so hard to filter them as and when they come in.

3. Fiverr

Yes this is often ground zero for anyone looking to hire freelance content writers. And yes it has a bad rep.

OK hear me out here. There *are* some excellent content writers on Fiverr – but it is a trick to find them.

Try searching by your preferred location, asking to see samples of their work and obviously checking out their feedback. If you find a great content writer on Fiverr, the obvious signs are that they will be:

a. Expensive (relatively) and

b. Have exceptional feedback

Fiverr is obviously great for ad hoc work, but if you find a good writer you can easily come back as often as you need or arrange something with them. If you’ve not used Fiverr before, take a look with my referral link.

Search for content writer, hit ‘seller details’ and filter away….

4. Upwork

Honestly, I don’t love Upwork. It has it’s benefits – and like Fiverr there are plenty of quality writers on here. Again, if you’re looking to find a freelance writer for ad-hoc work it’s good.

To post a job on Upwork is free, but you will pay a percentage when you pay your writer.

5. Hire a content agency

There are plenty of content agencies out there. Hell, I even run one (get in touch if you need to discuss your content requirements, like obviously right….)

The benefits or hiring a content agency for your content writing are that they can set you up either as an adhoc or contract client. They will also have proof and testimonials to highlight their expertise. And of course they will have a decent roster of experienced writers available to hire.

And, if for some reason you don’t like your content writer, they will have various other writers on their books. A good content agency will also put together your SEO or content strategy too.

6. Recruitment agency

Looking for a full time internal hire, or a contract role? You can find a content writer easily by going through a local or national recruitment agency.

Obviously you will pay more, but it’s more than made up for by the fact that you’ll be given a pool of quality candidates to screen.

I’ve worked through recruitment agencies a few times as a content writer, and it can be, for the business owner, relatively stress free.

7. SEMrush

If you already use SEMrush, you might have noticed that there is a ‘Content Marketplace’. You can pop in here and hire your freelance writer for whatever content you need doing. Being SEMrush it is obviously focused on SEO, but you can of course find content writing experts covering a wide variety of disciplines.

Not using SEMrush? Sign up for a free trial of this top grade SEO and keyword research tool….

8. Reddit

I’m a big fan of Reddit. Apart from Linkedin this is probably my first stop for social media, and not just for time wasting. You can find (and I have found) many great freelance writers on the platform, if you know where to look.

The obvious spots are r/forhire and r/freelancewriters and even r/writersforhire. If you’re looking for lowball, try r/slavelabour too.

I’m in a good position where I can vet my content writers before working with them full time, as I have a stack of websites I can test them on. But you can also ask for their portfolio, negotiate rates and generally make sure they’re up to spec before you start getting them to work.

9. Headhunting

Looking for a freelance writer in a specific niche? Why not find the writer you’re looking for online and then approach them directly?


Search for articles in your niche and see who wrote them. If you like the writer, they will usually have links to their website or socials and you can click and say hi.

10. ProBlogger

It may be the best known jobs board for freelance writers – so if you’re looking for a freelance content writer you can always post here. It costs something like $80 to have your content job for 15 days – and you can expect a lot of attention from experienced bloggers and writers.

Take a look at ProBlogger.

Hire a freelance writer (right here)

Need an experienced freelance writer? Got digital marketing that needs doing?

As you may have gathered, I am available to manage your content marketing, to help you find freelance writers AND to write your blog posts too.

So if you do wanna chat, drop me a line via the contact – or schedule a chat on my Calendy!

I’m based in Devon, UK and I specialise in SEO writing, blog management, content strategy and blog writing.

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