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Hire A Freelance Content Strategist

So, you need some content? But what kind of content? Who for? Is it for top of funnel, bottom of funnel, both or neither?

Yup, so many questions. And that is why sometimes you just need to hire a content strategist.

Although content does reign supreme, the last thing you want to do is spend money on content that isn’t going to perform. After all, the whole point is to get more web traffic, social followers and, most likely, paying customers. Right?

So before we look at why you need to hire a content strategist, it’s probably worth looking at what one o’ them actually does…

What does a content strategist do, then?

A good content strategist will take a holistic view at your website and build a picture of your goals. Yes, you might already know you need more paying customers. Or, you might already have a plan of going from 1000 web visitors a month to 10,000.

A content strategist will sit down and work out how to get there, and what your audience is engaging with.

This might be anything from:

  • Blog posts on your site
  • Blog posts on external sites
  • Videos
  • Social media content
  • Webinars or online presentations
  • Podcasts
  • e-learning courses
  • Free downloads
  • PPC ads
  • Your website content and UI/UX
  • Press/print media
  • Mail-outs/pamphlets

Yeah, even though most content strategists focus heavily on digital marketing, there is still something to be said for a bit of print marketing. In it’s place it can be very effective.

Does a content strategist do the work?

So when you hire a content strategist, they do all the work, yeah?

Well, the thing about a content strategist is that they will likely be an expert in their field (for example I do content writing, SEO, video editing and many of the things on the list above). But, they’ll also know when to outsource to get the best results.

After all, why spend time creating content if it isn’t absolutely solid?

So although a content strategist does do much of the actual creating of content, they might not do all of it. In fact, a good content strategist will have a network of professionals who can be called on to deliver a top quality content plan to schedule.

How much does a content strategist cost?

The actual cost for a content strategist will vary hugely, depending on the work required and the length of a contract.

For example, for a general content plan made for a small business, it may cost as little as £200 ($250) for some SEO research and the outline of some high performing blog posts for the coming month.

But for a more hands on content management strategy, it will likely cost in the region of £200 ($250) per day. This will also include some of the content creation if needed.

How to hire a content strategist?

If you need a content strategy that will deliver results as soon as possible, get in touch…

As a freelance content writer and SEO strategist, I have worked with a number of companies, from small companies and tech startups to multi-national giants and tech unicorns.

I also have a great network of freelancers who deliver exceptional results, including graphic designers, video editors, copywriters, PPC experts and podcasting experts.

So if you want to hire a content strategist to get your business running to it’s potential, or if you just need to put together a regular blog for your business, reach out.

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